Site Credits

Math by Design Advisory Board

  1. Donna Watts, Coordinator of Mathematics, Maryland State Department of Education
  2. Patricia Baltzley, Director of Mathematics, Baltimore County Public Schools
  3. John Staley, Ph.D., Coordinator of Mathematics, Baltimore County Public Schools
  4. Ellen Mangels, Mathematics Department Chair, Cockeysville Middle School, Baltimore County Public Schools

Special Thanks to our Math in Action professionals:

  1. Amanda Shafer, Math in Cake Artistry
  2. Mary Ann Mears, Math in Sculptures
  3. Eric Beck, Rachel Beck, Math in Architecture
  4. Dr. Alex Chen, Riane McWain, Math in Urban Planning
  5. Om Khurjekar, Math in Landscape Architecture
  6. David N. Myers, Ph.D., ASLA Associate Professor, University of Maryland
  7. Jenny King, Planner, Maryland Department of Planning

For Maryland Public Television

Senior Project Manager

  1. Debbie Vickers, Director, K-12 Services

Digital Assets Manager

  1. Tracy Lau, Managing Director, Educational Productions

Content Development and Writing

  1. Pat Hemler, Mathematics Content Specialist
  2. Ann Klimas, Director, Instructional Design and Educational Content
  3. Ellen Mangels, Mathematics Department Chair, Cockeysville Middle School

Video Production

  1. William Beustring, Producer

Betsy Peisach, Managing Director, Education Marketing

Barbara Mochinal, Director, Educational Business Affairs

Kathryn Miller, Grants Manager

Kim Smith, Contracts Manager

Gail Porter Long, Senior Vice President and Chief Education Officer

For Bean Creative:

  1. Bill Setzer, Director of Design & Development
  2. Scott Lacey, Flash Developer
  3. Joey Lane, Jr. Developer
  4. Stuart Phram, Senior Developer, Programming
  5. Maggie Johns, Assistant Project Coordinator

For Integrated Designs:

  1. Wendy Emrich, Account Supervisor
  2. Brian Hiles, Creative Director
  3. Paul Petyo, Senior Graphic Designer


  1. Elaine Pierrel, Pierrel Associates, LLC

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