Stem Project

On Your Own: A STEM Project can help students build on their experience with MbD.

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Tips and Techniques

Beyond MbD

When students have completed one or both environments, you may want to use the brief Task and Subtask descriptions and Guiding Questions to facilitate a rich discussion of math concepts and problem solving strategies.

Check out the Cross-Curricular Activities in the Flossville and Windjammer resources that connect Math by Design to other subjects.

To enrich and extend students' knowledge, consider using the STEM project. Students will not only have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of geometry and measurement, but exercise creative and critical thinking skills in crafting and sharing their own environments. Students could work individually or in groups as they apply the engineering process to complete the project. All the necessary materials are provided in Educator Resources.

To give you additional feedback on your students' understanding of key geometry and measurement concepts, additional assessment questions and answers are included in the Flossville and Windjammer resources.

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