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Guiding Questions

Enrich your students' online experience with Flossville Town Park by using the questions below to discuss key math concepts. To help you stretch your students’ thinking, we’ve included a variety of questions that span the hierarchy of thinking skills, as indicated in italics at the end of each question.

Safety First!
Discuss some reasons for covering the playground area and the picnic area. Comprehension
Are the reasons the same for both areas?   Evaluation
Is covering one area more important than covering the other?   Evaluation
What must you do first in order to calculate the area?   Knowledge
How will you separate the figure into regions?   Application
What formulas do you need?   Knowledge

Bring Your Own Food
Describe reflections as we use the word in everyday language and explain how it is related to mathematical transformations called reflections.   Analysis/Synthesis
Explain how symmetry is related to reflections.   Comprehension/Synthesis
What math is involved in placing the picnic tables?   Knowledge
How can you verify your placements?   Comprehension
Create a different arrangement of the picnic tables that involves transformations of the geometric figures.   Synthesis

Ahoy, Matey!
Do you think that including a pond in the park is a good idea? Defend your answer.   Evaluation
What is a remote control boat and how does it work?   Knowledge/Comprehension
How do you determine the size of the pond on the grid?   Application
How can you decide whether or not 50% of the pond is in the afternoon shade?   Analysis
Why is the information about the shadow of the lamp post included?   Application/Analysis
What math is involved in calculating the amount of dirt that must be removed?   Knowledge
How will you use the information describing how much the scoop holds?   Comprehension/Analysis
How will you use the information describing how many gallons are in a cubic meter?    Comprehension/Analysis

Who's Hungry?
Is including a snack bar in the park a good idea? Support your answer.   Evaluation
Why does the mayor want the snack bar near the intersection of the paths?   Evaluation
Describe a rotation. What is the meaning of rotating something 180 degrees?   Comprehension
Explain how to calculate the size of the snack bar on the grid.   Comprehension

Alley Oops!
What are some reasons that a skateboard area is a good addition to the park?   Evaluation
What might be some reasons that people would not want this area to be included?   Evaluation
What measurement must you calculate first in order to find the area of the ramp?   Comprehension
How will you determine this needed measurement?   Analysis
Explain the Pythagorean Theorem.   Comprehension
What type of transformation is used to move the skateboarder along the rail?   Knowledge
Demonstrate how to perform a translation on a coordinate plane.   Application

Light the Way!
Why is it important to light the entire path?   Evaluation
Why would a park designer be concerned about how much of the area is covered by a light?   Evaluation
What information do you need to know about the lights in order to answer the question?   Analysis
What math is involved in calculating that information?   Knowledge
Explain the Pythagorean Theorem.   Comprehension
Why is the Pythagorean Theorem needed when finding the distance between the lights?   Comprehension
Is there any other way to solve this problem that does not involve the use of the Pythagorean Theorem and if so, what is it?

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