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Math by Design gives students a highly creative experience in seeing geometry and measurement come alive.”

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Introducing Math by Design Resources

You probably know already that Math by Design (MbD) gives students a highly creative experience in seeing geometry and measurement come alive.

This section gives you the keys you need to work though and build on that experience.

Take a look around. Perhaps you want to bookmark this part of the site for future reference. And, remember, you can follow our suggestions or adapt them to meet the needs of your students.

Math by Design in a Nutshell

Will it fit in my curriculum? The interactives in Math by Design are aligned to:

  1. The Maryland Voluntary State Curriculum in Mathematics
  2. The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics' Principles and Standards for School Mathematics
  3. The International Society for Technology in Education's National Educational Technology Standards

What is it? Math by Design invites students to become junior architects, working at TRC to create two different environments: Flossville Town Park and Windjammer Environmental Center. As they work with each environment, students are given a series of tasks -with related subtasks- that they complete by applying their knowledge of geometry and measurement concepts. Tasks are aligned to geometry and measurement objectives.

How does it work? As students work through the tasks, they can access hints to help them along. These hints are brief math tutorials with explanations and examples. At any time, students may check their work to get feedback on how they are progressing. When students successfully complete a task, they are asked to "Make the Math Connection." This additional question was designed to reinforce students' knowledge of the math concept and provide another opportunity for students to apply their knowledge. Students can sign in to save their work. This is especially helpful if a planned project takes several days. Students can also view Math in Action videos to see how people such as architects and cake designers use geometry and measurement concepts everyday in their jobs

For whom is it intended? Math by Design was created for middle school students taking Algebra I and II to enhance their understanding of geometry and measurement objectives.

Shhh.don't tell the kids. TRC actually stands for Three-Ring Circus. The "floss" in Flossville is a circus term for cotton candy. And a windjammer is actually a member of a circus band. And you thought there was no whimsy in math.

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