Math in Action

Using Math in Action videos can help you answer the age-old student question: “But when will I ever use that in real life?”

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Tips and Techniques

Introducing MbD

As you introduce Math by Design to your students you might want to consider some of these suggestions:

  1. Begin by showing one of the Math in Action videos so your students can see a person applying the geometry and measurement concepts they will use in the Math by Design tasks.
  2. Explain that in Math by Design the students will be junior architects who will complete one of two possible environments. Perhaps you can display the page that describes the Flossville environment or the Windjammer environment. You might want to work through at least one of the environments yourself before assigning it to your students.
  3. Check the Educator Resources for more suggestions and useful materials for bringing Math by Design into your classroom.
  4. Consider using the Task and Subtask descriptions available in the resources for both Flossville and Windjammer to discuss the mathematics involved prior to having students complete a task. You may also want to check out the Guiding Questions for each of the tasks.
  5. Depending upon your students' expertise, you might want to explain the resources available to them, including the inventory items, the calculator, the hints, and the 3-D view.
  6. It's important to be clear about your expectations with respect to the use of the computer and the rules for interaction among the students and/or groups. You probably want to check out the software requirements and bookmark the site on the computers your students will be using.

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