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Math Hints

These files provide printable versions of all the math hints that students see online as they work through the Windjammer environment. You can use them as the basis for introducing concepts before students work online or as a review when they have completed their online experience.

You may also want to project them as part of a whole class discussion if students have encountered difficulty with a specific task or subtask.

  1. Hint 1
Area of a Circle [25KB PDF]
  1. Hint 2
Area of a Composite Figure [25KB PDF]
  1. Hint 3
Area of a Composite Figure Part 2 [25KB PDF]
  1. Hint 4
Circumference of a Circle [26KB PDF]
  1. Hint 5
Missing Side in a Right Triangle [19KB PDF]
  1. Hint 6
Perimeter of a Polygon [24KB PDF]
  1. Hint 7
Reflections [53KB PDF]
  1. Hint 8
Translations [23KB PDF]
  1. Hint 9
Using Proportional Reasoning [25KB PDF]
  1. Hint 10
Volume of a Cylinder [26KB PDF]

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