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Remind students to click on "Check my Work" when they are satisfied that they have completed a task.

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Tasks and subtasks

This list includes all the tasks and subtasks that students need to complete to create an environmental learning center. Each specific mathematical task is chunked out into subtasks where students use principles of geometry or measurement to complete them. Tasks can be handled in any order the student chooses. Subtasks have to be completed sequentially.

These files provide printable versions of the task and subtask descriptions from the online activities. You may want to use them to help students unlock the necessary steps to take or to review the processes students have used when the task is finished.

When they have completed each task successfully, students are rewarded with a three-dimensional view of the way the park now looks, thanks to their efforts.

  1. Access for All
[15KB PDF]
  1. Aquatic Adventure
[13KB PDF]
  1. Pentagonal Plot
[13KB PDF]
  1. 3 R's
[14KB PDF]
  1. Get Physically Fit
[14KB PDF]
  1. Slam Dunk
[13KB PDF]
  1. E-luminate
[13KB PDF]

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